Esteban Torres

Engineering Manager

📱+49 162 4190543

Technical Skills

  1. Agile Methodologies
  2. Cross Platform Team
  3. Swift & Objective-C
  4. Go
  5. Scripting
  6. Docker

Work Experience

SoundCloud Core Clients Engineering Manager 2019 to present
Manage a cross platform team involving BackEnd technologies (Scala, Go) as well as Android & iOS. Grew the team to double the number of BackEnd engineers & started the inclusion of Web FrontEnd development to the team.
Lead many company wide efforts to improve the Engineering Experience across the entire technology organization, e.g.: Centralisation of engineering documentation finding & creation, established a program to share multiplatform work knowledge to other teams, unification of multiple tracking systems to cross-reference on a single place, lead the technical aspect of a redesign project that involved all user facing clients of our app (web, Android & iOS).
Focused on leading the career development path of the team, due to the structure of the team more times than none I need to fill the roles of Product Manager as well as Product Owner.

SoundCloud Core Clients Engineer 2016 to 2019
Reduced compile times by 7 minutes by the creation of a service side Swift service with a companion Ruby service that tracked build times locally and on CI, which helped us track major bottlenecks that guided us towards improving our project organization; resulting in more developers embracing TDD due to lesser turnaround times which lead to an increase in the confidence of shipping new features. Reduced the number of flaky tests on the iOS code base by implementing a Swift server side service that scrapes and parses CI data from Buddybuild, to generate metrics and dashboards that helped us track and fix flaky tests and confirm improvements via metrics; which lead to minimizing friction when adding new features and reducing the integration time by 50% as a result of reducing the need to re-run the CI jobs to verify flakyness. Improved initial playback time and playqueue load times by 15 seconds by extracting and refactoring Offline Sync into it’s own framework and removing unnecessary complexity; leading to an increase in total listening time of our users by 10%. Wrote multiple tools that hookup to Prometheus in order to properly analyze and maintain app health as well as to better understand how all the systems interact with each other.
Architected and defined the infrastructure for modules/framework extractions into micro features. Integrated the new in-house media player into the iOS application; leading to less crashes, faster remote media loading and caching as well less fragmentation of the code via guiding all the media playback through the same engine (audio & video).

Brewbot Lead iOS Developer 2015 to 2016
Improved app responsiveness and testability by 20% by introducing reactive programming and ViewModel + DataControllers resulting in faster iteration times and an increase in the amount of bugs and new features the team could tackle. Streamlined the CI and «delivery» processes by integrating fastlane into the workflow of the organization; guaranteeing increase in confidence with each change by running the tests before every integration and deploying OTA updates; resulting in a more stable application and facilitating the addition of changes.

Log(n) Mobile Lead Engineer 2012 to 2015
Defined a structure for the iOS department by being the mobile lead engineer of a small team of 4 mobile engineers which lead to the company to be able to take more projects and reduce the turnaround time. Established a development process for iOS projects by documenting and defining a workflow that resulted in a considerable decrease in maintainability times and ability to iterate on new features on the projects. Established a CI system for development and delivery by setting up some Mac Minis and Buildasaur with Xcode Bots which resulted in an increment of 15% in test coverage and a reduction of 50% times when deliverying new ipas.

Samtec iOS Technical Lead (Technical Lead) 2010 to 2012
Increased iteration times on new features for the iOS apps 4 times by creating, training and directing the iOS department. Built an iOS team of 6 developers by creating a career path program that resulted in the creation of more simultaneous projects, leading to an increase in productivity for the company.



Licenciatura en Sistemas (~Licentiate Degree in Computer Science) 2003 to 2007 Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

iOS Development Bootcamp 2012 Big Nerd Ranch, Atlanta