iOScon 2016 Speakers
iOScon 2016 Speakers

Last week I had the chance to travel from Costa Rica all the way to London to speak at my first international conference: iOScon 2016

I had the opportunity to share with a lot of GREAT developers and more so to make new friends.

My talk was: MVVM + RxSwift + DataControllers and I think it went pretty well.

Here are the slides.

There are still things to improve but overall received good feedback and I REALLY enjoyed the experience.


The trip was SUPER exhausting to say the least; spend most of the days and nights light headed and trying to fight «jet-lag» but it was such a great experience.

What I learned

Approaches to speaking

I was able to witness first hand different styles of presenting a talk; as Marin told me and I wholeheartedly agree, talks that are given from a personal perspective are usually the best.

This pretty much means that I’ll try to keep giving my talks from a personal perspective and as if I was having a conversation with the attendees rather than just talking out loud (which honestly doesn’t see that great an idea to be honest) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was never too «scared» or nervous about the whole talk thing; I’ve given my fair share of talks (although this was going to be my first international one) but it was somewhat unnerving to think that perhaps the content that I was creating wasn’t worth it or that people would get bored.

However as Agnes told me that Marin told her once:

«they are in the room, you convinced them already»

I’ve always thought about that but somehow have forgotten until Agnes reminded me 😄


There’s no need for ONLY speaking about breakthrough discoveries or great OSS projects you have created, etc.

Talking about experiences, even non-technical topics are always great if you so happen to deliver them in a way that the attendees can relate to.

Possibly my next talk won’t be a technical talk but rather a mix between half-tech and half-personal experiences.

Surely I’ll get to do this again soon.