I’ve got the opportunity to read Ash Furrow’s post about his 5 years doing iOS development and read (as much as I could from my phone) Orta’s blog about his 28 and came to think about MY year and decided I was going to write something.

Doing this as quickly as possible while my 7 months old is sleeping and my girlfriend is finishing all preparations before we leave home to meet the families.

To sum up this has been a great year with all of ups and downs:

  1. First of all I became a dad… which was a wish of my own since forever; thankfully this year was the year we decided to try and luckily were able to give birth to a beautiful and healthy boy named Lucca.
  2. Was able to talk (via Twitter; email and even a long Skype call) with Orta and Ash Furrow; which, to me at least, are 2 great individuals and extremely brilliant ones if I might add; that IMHO are leading the programming path towards where we should be focusing. This lead to me writing more and better tests in my apps, playing with some Ruby and also finally enabling and making sense of FBSnapshotTesting.
  3. Got the opportunity to help with one of Felix Krause’s tools; sigh; was nice to finally get to help in one OSS project that’s being used by multiple developers around the world.
  4. Expanded my mind by playing around with Ruby, Rails, Grape (all of this kind of the same), Swift and finally after a lot of time wanting, Haskell. This lead me to expand my horizon and makes me think of how to best implement Functional Programming into my Swift programs.

Stepping back might not seem like a big deal but it actually was. As for next year’s resolutions; here they are:

  1. Finally devote more time to my writing (this blog for example) since I’ve been delaying it for quite some time now and I really enjoy doing this.
  2. Keep on pushing my limits, learning, contributing and exchanging words with as many great devs as I can.
  3. Hopefully got the chance to finally work with one of the big companies out there (Artsy I’m looking at you xD)
  4. Get to spend a proper amount of time with CatNip; a great product Andrea and I have been thinking about for quite some time and it kind of relates with BeerGram and CraftKollective

All in all a GREAT year; can’t wait to see what next one will have in store for me but I do know what I have in store for it :)