About Me

Hi; my name is Esteban Torres and I’m an Engineering Manager @ SoundCloud, Berlin. I’m originally from 🇨🇷Costa Rica where I started as an Engineer and quickly jumped on the iOS badwagon; this led me to land a job as an iOS @ SoundCloud which of course led to me & my family moving to 🇩🇪.

At SoundCloud I’ve worn many hats:

  • iOS Engineer (Listening Cluster and later on Core Clients)
  • Cross Platform Engineer (Core Clients were I got to do Scala, Go, some Production Engineering, iOS & Android development, etc)
  • And most recently Engineering Management

I used to be moderately active in the iOS community and tried to attend different conferences (as an attendee as well as an speaker) but has since a couple of years slowed down a lot in that front.

Given my background I’m still figuring out my new role as an EM where every day brings a lot of learninsg and more than one failure from my part. It is super exciting as there’s no dull day; which also makes it tiring due to the constant changes; never konw what to expect and the best tool I have is being able to adapt to whatever the situation throws at me.

I’ve been jotting down what I learn in a good old paper notebook which I’ll try to migrate to a more modern place in this website.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter as @esttorhe.