Hi; my name is Esteban Torres and I'm an iOS developer from rainy Costa Rica; moved to Berlin to work @ SoundCloud.

You can find a (hopefully updated) version of my CV here

I love innovation and I'm usually an early adopter whenever I can which, more times than none, has bitten me in the ass.

Mostly wander around Cocoa & Cocoa Touch "realms" but lately I've been trying to expand towards Ruby, Rails and obviously Swift. I really LOVE OSS and at times try to contribute as much as possible and try to get involved with the community; some times though I find myself too overwhelmed with a lot of projects and thus tend to distance myself for some months.

I try to be active in conferences but only if I can find a topic I'm super passionate about; try to avoid giving hollow talks just for the sake of giving talks.

You can find me on GitHub and pretty much always lurkin on Twitter here @esttorhe