Nokogiri on El Capitan

Finally El Capitan arrived and I couldn’t be more eager to install it on my machine; as soon as I read on Twitter that it was available I jump to the AppStore and started the download process which seemed like a bad idea at the time:

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Semver intermediate versioning

Lately I’ve come across multiple tweets and talks about people avoiding jumping over the dreaded 1.0.0 of their frameworks, tools, etc.

Sadly that’s the current state of «our world» as developers.

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Is a «well known» fact that I’m trying to get to 12% body fat; last year I was really close at 14% but then I ricocheted back to 17% and my mental state took a toll and was not able to get back on track. I’ve been going up & down on my body fat since then.

Last December I hit horrible numbers because I pretty much gave up on exercising 💪 and dieting 🌿 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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