How to (and not) ask questions…

Is it safe to say that I’ve been «scolded» twice this week due to my technical questions.

Now… I was not scolded as the word implies but the context was that; and I did deserve it if I’m honest.

dyld: Library not loaded & CocoaPods

This morning I woke up to a not so great ✉ from a PR I submitted the day before; it read something like this:

I can build in the simulator perfectly fine but trying to get a build onto a device this morning was not happening at all

And with that I started my day trying to figure out what was going on.


Is a «well known» fact that I’m trying to get to 12% body fat; last year I was really close at 14% but then I ricocheted back to 17% and my mental state took a toll and was not able to get back on track. I’ve been going up & down on my body fat since then.

Last December I hit horrible numbers because I pretty much gave up on exercising 💪 and dieting 🌿 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Xcode Plugins I use

Everyone of us have our own set of niks & tricks to better find our ways around our everyday activities.

For us developers that means tweaking our environment to quickly achieve what we want with the least amount of key strokes and (at the least for the most of us) without having to actually use the mouse/trackpad.

Xcode Plugins

For those out there that are familiar with plugins; go ahead and jump over to the next section, for the rest of you welcome to heaven.

Plugins are 3rd Party pieces of code that can be «injected» into Xcode’s life cycle and can extend its functionalities or even add new ones.

There’s plenty of plugins and many different ways to load/install them but my go-to way is always Alcatraz.

New Website

«Clearly» the site has changed (as long as you have been following me; if not then perhaps this is «shocking news» for you).

I started the blog with Jekyll and quickly «moved» to Octopress for its «simplicity» to make new posts, pages and change themes; or so I thought.

After some time having to deal with it and then having to create a blog for Log(n)‘s employees (being that I’m one of them at the moment) gave me some insights as to how convoluted the process is.

Hidden error variable on exhaustive block

On my previous post I tried to help «solve» in a way the problem with non-typed throws by documenting them on the internal docs as lists with markdown.

Based on that you can rightfully assume that I’m migrating all my Result<T,U> code to support throws instead, on my 2.0 branches.

As you might know (or not) whenever you do a do/catch block the catch block needs to be exhaustive; just like a switch and «catch» all possible paths.

It doesn’t mean you necessarily need to specify every single error type in your catch block (even though ideally you should react differently for each type of error) but you can add an exhaustive catch that will represent «every single error».

Swift 2.0 - throws tip

Quick Swift 2.0 throws tip: There’s been a lot of «heated» debates regarding the throws approach added to Swift 2.0 in favor of Either<T,U>. Some examples: @cocoaphony Throws types were explicitly but hand-wavily pooh-poohed in the What's New in Swift talk :/ — Tom Brow (@browgrammer) June 13, 2015 Swift exceptions compose poorly. You can’t determine concrete ErrorType from a closure that throws, and can’t throw/catch asynchronously.

New Year Resolutions

I’ve got the opportunity to read Ash Furrow‘s post about his 5 years doing iOS development and read (as much as I could from my phone) Orta‘s blog about his 28 and came to think about MY year and decided I was going to write something. Doing this as quickly as possible while my 7 months old is sleeping and my girlfriend is finishing all preparations before we leave home to meet the families.

'Show' Adaptative Segue Error

On our projects we use multiple UIStoryboard files to break our apps; yes, we use storyboards, we are drinking Apple’s “Kool-Aid” and personally they are real time savers and let us focus on improving the experience and enforcing the business rules. Fist Glimpse Of The Problem Although this “embracing the change” would come to hunts us with a weird bug that was reported to us; hitting a “share” button was yielding no actions…